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After working closely with Clare Hulme, Ken Turner purchased Clare’s Deli in November of 2015.  Clare taught Ken the secrets of the locally famous French Dip, Broccoli Cheddar soup and other favorite offerings. The same amazing staff, Javier and Bryce who have been there since the beginning are still making the same great French Dip and 500 Club sandwiches.  Many of Clare’s original sandwiches will always be on the menu. There has been a slow transition into Turner’s Kitchen, making sure to keep the same neighborhood feel that Clare worked so hard to establish. Don’t worry we will still deliver to your 500 Club bar stool!


Ken Turner is the sole owner-operator of Turner’s Kitchen, formerly Clare’s Deli.  A native Californian, Ken began his culinary career at the beloved Zuni Café where he had the incredible opportunity to mentor under the talented Judy Rogers, an experience that he is forever grateful for and one that played a large role in Ken’s approach to cooking.

Under Judy’s guidance Ken learned the art of simple food. He quickly blossomed from a young oyster shucker into the Chef de Cuisine, where he worked closely with both Judy Rodgers and the current owner, Gilbert Pilgram.   In 2014 Ken was invited to the Mad Symposium, an event created by René Redzepi of NOMA in Copenhagen to allow Chefs from around the world to collaborate and share ideas.  

Inspired by international cuisine and local markets, Ken has always incorporated travel into his culinary experience.  His trips include the South Pacific, Asia, Europe and most recently Mexico City and Oaxaca, allowing him to incorporate these unique flavors into his offerings. With an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients, Ken is delighted to bring simple but delicious offerings to the Mission with Turner’s Kitchen. He is inspired by weekly trips to the local farmer’s market to prepare simple, clean offerings that he enjoys sharing with friends and family.

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